Varsity Status:

All varsity athletes must be full time undergraduate students​ ​and enrolled at the institution they represent.

  1. To be considered a full time undergraduate student, he/she must currently be taking courses totaling at least 12 credit hours on the semester basis or its full time equivalent at that institution, and must be making ​normal progress​ toward his/her first degree.

  2. An exception is for students in their final term who may take less than a full-time load if it is sufficient to complete their degree during that term.

  3. A student athlete who has received a Baccalaureate or equivalent degree, and who is enrolled in graduate or professional school, or who is enrolled and seeking a second Baccalaureate or equivalent degree, may participate in NCVSA, provided the student athlete has athletic eligibility remaining.

  4. An NCVSA competitor has four years of eligibility, which must be completed during the first 10 semesters or 15 quarters after the student is enrolled in a collegiate institution in at least a minimum full-time program of studies as determined by the regulations of that institution.

Club Status:

  1. Club athletes may compete in NCVSA events against other club athletes.  Club athletes may fall into one of several categories, all as approved by the Team Director: part-time students, school staff/faculty/coaches (full or part time), and alumni.

  2. Club athletes may compete in an unlimited number of seasons.

  3. Club athletes must be included on the Active Team roster, documentation of which may be requested by the NCVSA.