The National Collegiate Virtual Sports Association (NCVSA) is a consortium of schools, teams, resources, leagues, services, and products dedicated to collegiate virtual and simulation (SIM) sports that closely simulate their "real sport" counterparts.


These sports include, among others: SIM motorsports, virtual cycling, SIM golf, VR tennis, & virtual rowing, where the skills and fitness required in the real sport translate directly to the virtual version and vice versa.  The NCVSA gives colleges the option to offer alternatives to live sports when social distancing requirements prohibit in-person competitions.  Interested in bringing your school on board? Register here!


The mission of the NCVSA is to promote collegiate SIM sport competitions of all types, establish league and conference infrastructure, manage competition, maintain records of performance, further education and research in the field of simulation sports, provide resources for NCVSA members, and provide access to sports that would otherwise be unavailable at some schools.  Give your online and virtual students a chance to compete under your school banner!